Transfer value
More information about transfer value
Total value transfered (sent) by all transactions in the block. Amount is shown in both the native coin and the current USD value of the native coin (based on current CM reference rates)
# of transactions

Block stats

Balance Updates
More information about balance updates
Number of changes to the balance of an account/address.
Total Fees
More information about total fees
The sum of all fees paid within the block.
Mean Fee
More information about mean fee
The average fee paid for a transaction within the block.
New Coin Issuance
More information about new coin issuance
The reward issued to the miner/validator who produced the block.
Block Size
More information about block size
Total size in bytes of all transactions included in the block.
Block virtual size
More information about block virtual size
A block weight/size measurement (for SegWit transactions) with one vsize/vbyte being equal to four weight units.


Reported Time
More information about reported time
Timestamp put in the block header by the miner/validator.
Normalized Time
More information about normalized time
A timestamp that provides accurate ordering - i.e., it is always greater than or equal to the parent timestamp.

Block Transactions

Showing of
Tx hash
More information about TX Hash
Hash of the transaction (unique per transaction)
More information about # of Balance Updates
Number of balance updates effected by the transaction)
Num bal. updates
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Parent block

Child block Chain tip
More information about block height
Block height for the current search result. The block height represents that block's sequence among all blocks in the blockchain (e.g., the very first block would be at Height 0, which is also known as the Genesis block).


Mined/Validated on
More information about mined on
Timestamp put in the block header by the miner.
Parent Hash
More information about parent hash
Hash of the parent block - i.e., the block at the previous height.